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    Coaching or “Mentoring” assignments involve the Interim Manager offering operational support and sharing their experience with the teams involved. Coaching opens up faster and more focused development opportunities both for the people involved and the company.

    What does Mentoring involve in a coaching context?

    A Coaching or “Mentoring” assignment aims to accelerate the development of a Manager’s skills in-house. Whether newly promoted or identified as having high potential, the employee benefits from an Interim Manager’s experience and progresses rapidly.

    Moreover, in transformation, growth or restructuring contexts, companies are choosing to rely on internal rather than external resources. Consequently, these key managers may need ad hoc coaching from an experienced Interim Manager.

    It is important to note that in the case of Mentoring, the Mind Transition Manager always comes from the profession for which they are coaching.

    Some of our Coaching assignements

    Assignment #1: HR Coaching and development

    Position: General Manager / Human Resources
    Sector of activity: High-tech and precision industry
    Duration: 4 months

    The client was a family-owned industrial group with a worldwide reputation in its business sector.

    The client’s requirement

    The senior management team wanted to set up a coaching programme for their top managers to define a standard HR policy for the whole group.

    The Manager’s assignment

    The Interim Manager coached the various departments to guide them in implementing good practices.

    Assignment #2: Operational competence building

    Position: Site Manager / Operations Director
    Sector of activity: Textile industry
    Duration: 5 months

    The client was a French industrial group with strong local roots.

    The client’s requirement

    The assignment was to develop the new operations director’s skills.

    The Manager’s assignment

    The Interim Manager, recognised for their specialised technical expertise, coached the Director in post.

    They helped them to learn about the constraints of industrial production, to implement Lean Management and manage their teams effectively. 

    Assignment #3: Consolidating the cultural and human capital

    Position: Operations Director
    Sector of activity: Automotive industry
    Duration: 3 months

    The client was an automotive supplier with operations in France and abroad.

    The client’s requirement

    The assignment involved bringing greater overall coherence to the group’s operations and creating a shared ethos for the different business units.

    The Manager’s assignment

    The Interim Manager began their mentoring by assessing the situation. This diagnosis was the basis for a realistic action plan that could be deployed immediately to create synergies and cohesion.

    The Interim Manager provided rapid, practical solutions to guarantee growth.

    What does an Interim Manager do in a coaching context?

    A coaching assignment typically lasts between 6 and 7 months.

    These assignments are not always full-time.

    The client decides on the frequency of coaching with the Interim Manager according to their requirements.

    Our expertise in strategic roles

    • Business unit management,
    • Branch management,
    • Site management.


    • HRD,
    • HRIS,
    • PA,
    • Labour relations,
    • Talent management,
    • Compensation & benefits.


    • Consolidation,
    • Management control,
    • Accounting,
    • Treasury,
    • Internal control,
    • Risk audit.


    • Product development and launch,
    • Sales management,
    • Sales administration,
    • Internal, external and financial communication.

    Sales + Marketing +

    • Legal,
    • Tax,
    • Contract management,
    • Compliance.

    Legal +

    • Delivery,
    • IT,
    • Category management.


    • ISD,
    • ERP,
    • PMO,
    • Engineering.


    • Logistics,
    • Supply-chain,
    • Transport,
    • Production,
    • Maintenance,
    • Quality-Hygiene-Safety-Environment,
    • R&D.


    • CSR director,
    • Green finance analyst,
    • Carbon market specialist,
    • Engineer agroforestry.

    CRS Roles

    • Director,
    • Consultant,
    • Project manager.

    Cybersecurity + Business Intelligence

    Our expertise in key business sectors

    Administration + Local authorities + Associations

    Bank +
    Finance +
    Funds + Insurance

    Picto immobilier

    Construction + Property +
    Asset Management

    Picto digital

    Services +
    Consulting + Engineering +
    New Technologies

    Picto e-commerce

    Distribution + Consumer goods + Retail

    Picto ingénierie

    Industry +
    Logistics +

    Picto santé

    Health +

    Picto luxe

    Luxury +
    Entertainment +

    Picto hospitalité

    Leisure +
    Catering +

    Picto RSE

    Energy +

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