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    When a replacement must be found quickly, “Temporary Management”, also a form of “Interim Management”, allows an operational Interim Manager to take over and fill a vacant role immediately.

    What does Interim Management involve in a replacement context?

    A company often requests an Interim Manager in an emergency: a manager’s unforeseen departure, a sudden necessary dismissal, illness, the unexpected transfer of an employee or a long-unfilled vacancy.

    Whatever the situation, the Interim Manager’s maturity guarantees they can take charge immediately. They guarantee continuity of work in progress, train teams and enhance their skills, improve working methods and processes, and manage any potential crises in challenging work contexts. They restore order and pave the way for their successor.

    Some of our Interim Management assignments in a replacement context

    Assignment 1#: Transition management

    Position: General Services Manager
    Sector of activityHealth
    Duration: 8 months

    The client was a major regional player in general health services.

    The client’s requirement

    Although it was anticipated, the management team had to face the premature departure of the General Services Manager on maternity leave.

    The Manager’s assignment

    The General Services Manager called in an Interim Manager to replace her temporarily, taking charge of her department of some forty people, whose stability was fundamental to the business.

    After a week-long handover period, the Interim Manager took over. They guaranteed the continued smooth running of the organisation and the continuity of ongoing projects. In addition, they ensured the company’s quality, safety and risk management remained compliant with legal and statutory regulations.

    Assignment 2#: Replacement assignment

    Position: Quality manager
    Sector of activityAgri-food
    Duration: 6 months

    The client was a specialist in food product processing with a French and international reputation.

    The client’s requirement

    The absence of a Quality Manager from a factory has a powerful impact on the on-site organisation. They are responsible for excellence in production and usually develop the environmental dimension of the group.

    The Manager’s assignment

    The Interim Quality Manager drew on past experience to shoulder these various responsibilities.

    They led and united the teams around a personalised training plan.

    They implemented a continuous improvement process and completed the project to validate the site’s legal and regulatory compliance.

    They used their expertise to carry out customer audits and supplier evaluations. 

    Finally, the Interim Manager participated, along with the group’s senior management team, in recruiting the new post holder.

    Assignment 3#: Support Assignment

    Position: IT Production Manager
    Sector of activity: Road network concessionaire
    Duration: 6 months

    The client was a company specialising in road network concessions in France.

    The client’s requirement

    As the IT production manager vacancy had not been filled, the client wished to immediately reinforce its IT team of about fifteen people to continue the structuring and development of its business activities.

    The Manager’s assignment

    The Interim Manager, an expert in their field, immediately took charge of the company’s IT operations. In addition, they cooperated with the various sections of the IT department to focus on optimising IT production.

    Under what circumstances should Interim Management be implemented in a replacement context?

    An Interim Management assignment in a replacement context lasts, on average, four to six months.

    This provides enough time for the company and the Interim Manager to achieve the desired results, reassure the teams involved and prepare for the future.

    If the client company has not found a permanent solution after this period, it usually either initiates recruitment or, by mutual agreement, transforms the assignment into a direct recruitment.

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