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  • Feedback from an Interim manager: Coaching mission for Christophe Desmars
  • Publié le 18 April 2024
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    Feedback from an Interim manager: Coaching mission for Christophe Desmars

    Christophe Desmars has been asked to share his experience. He shares his assessment.

    Christophe, what was the context of your Interim Management assignment?

    For the first time in my career, I was involved as an Interim Manager in a change of organisation for a leather goods group.

    My role was to stabilise a fairly junior production team by speeding up the development of the new production manager’s skills.

    Did you have any particular expectations?

    My biggest challenge was to achieve my objectives in 4 months – that’s very fast!

    In reality, Mind Transition‘s support enabled me to be extremely efficient, and I found it gratifying to feel that my expertise was expected and recognised, even before I arrived.

    What do you remember about this experience?

    It’s been a real success story for both parties!

    I found it fascinating to discover a new world, and I realised that the fresh perspective of the Interim Manager can move the lines in an astonishing way.

    What stood out for you about the Mind Transition approach?

    I really appreciated the firm’s follow-up: from the preparation to the end of the assignment, I was kept informed about the operational and strategic issues, as well as the administrative, financial and communication aspects.

    For both the client and myself, Mind Transition ensured that the mission was running smoothly every week, with progress and satisfaction reviews. This enabled us to concentrate on our objectives and for me, the Interim Manager, to fulfil myself completely.

    A final word?

    I’d advise all experts to give it a try, as long as the preparation is just as thorough!

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